Belonging and Culture in Romulus My Father, Refugee Blues, and Splendid Home

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Through the study of texts various concept sand ideas can arrive which have an underlying sense of belonging. These ideas of belonging can be represented in varied and complex ways through a range of techniques. In the memoir ‘Romulus My Father’, the poem ‘migrant blues’ and the short story ‘splendid home’ by Samuel Walters this underlying notion of belonging is represented in a variety of ways.

‘Romulus My Father’ communicates both a notion of belonging and not belonging through the representation of the recurring theme to do with landscape and nature. Gaita uses copious amounts of symbolism in his writing as the concept of belonging can be most effectively shown visually. In the memoir this can be seen through the experiences of the
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Due to this, the approach to a subject in his writing is often romanticized. The romanticism of sentences is done through the use of subjective writing with a large capacity of emotive words in important situations. This can be seen in the quote “The scraggy shapes and sparse foliage actually became the foci for my sense of its beauty.”

Similarly the poem ‘Refugee Blues’ communicates the struggle a foreigner can have adapting to a new environment and to the importance of belonging to the area. Refugee blues is about the involuntary expulsion of German Jews during the holocaust and the destruction of their identity, home, and sense of belonging. In the quote “the consol banged on the table ‘If you have no passport you are officially dead”. GH Auden, the composer, used the symbolism of the passport as the raise the idea of the importance of identity in the notion of belonging. The protagonist struggles to belong in a foreign environment and suffers alienation. This can be seen in the stanza “a thousand windows and a thousand doors, not one of them was mine”. The author through the text raised the issue of needs somewhere to belong and the protagonist is torn between his feeling of being home sick, and the rejection of his country.

The short story ‘splendid home’ established a different approach to the others in the sense that it deals with the prospect of

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