Battle of Lexington And Concord by Lucia Raatma Essay

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Lucia Raatma’s “The Battles of Lexington and Concord” is important because it describes why the battles were fought and their effects. The American Revolution as a whole was fought to “give colonies freedom from British rule” (Raatma 4) due to unfair taxation from King III of England (Raatma 8). This shows that the driving force of the revolution was the dissatisfaction of the colonists concerning the treatment they received from the king. As a result, the colonists had had enough of the unfairness and tyranny and decided to take matters into their own hands. Several acts of protests, such as the Boston Tea Party, made the British king “furious” (Raatma 10). As a response to these protests, the king sent more soldiers and made stricter …show more content…
If the British succeeded in capturing these important patriot leaders, then they would gain an enormous advantage early on in the revolution. Not only could the British extract valuable information from the leaders, they could also crush the spirit of the revolutionists who looked to these leaders for guidance. Another goal of the British was to eliminate an arsenal located in Concord that contained gunpowder, ammunition, and colonial weapons (“Battles of Lexington and Concord” 1). By either taking over or seizing the the arsenal, the British puts the Americans at a disadvantage. The Americans would not have enough weapons to arm their men and would not have enough ammunition to fight against the British, resulting in a weak patriot military. During the night, “both towns [Lexington and Concord] were patriot riders Paul Revere and William Dawes” (“Battles of Lexington and Concord” 1). Because of the patriot riders, both of the patriot leaders, Adams and Hancock, were able to escape before the British arrived in Lexington. This also resulted in the the minutemen gathering in Concord, ready to fight the British and defend the arsenal. The actions of the patriot riders prevented the British from achieving their goals. The goals of the British to put themselves at an advantage to the Americans were unsuccessful due to patriot preparation.
The Battle of Lexington was the very first battle of the American Revolution and had great significance. In the

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