Bans Against Cloning Essay

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Bans Against Cloning Cloning, a very controversial debate, is it right or wrong? Most
Americans automatically assume cloning should be outlawed due to their moral standards. At first, I condemned cloning, on pure ignorance of what cloning really is. Most people have this science fiction view upon what cloning could produce. Many misconceptions about human cloning come from science fiction. Almost all science fiction displays human clones as zombie like troglodytes (Pence 39). The people who are afraid of cloning tend to think that someone will break into Napoleon's tomb, steal DNA, and make 2,000 emperors (Wertze 1). Human cloning is anything but this and should not be banned but allowed to proceed with care to ensure
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Keep in mind that a person originated by cloning would not necessarily be an exact replica of an adult human being. At the molecular level there would be differences, even though the gene structure would be quite similar (Pence 13). The probability of any two cloned human bodies being the exact same down to the last cell is next to zero because the probability of any two things being identical drops dramatically as the complexity rises (Pence 14).Most of the popular discussions surrounding asexual reproduction, producing offspring without sex, revolves around the question of whether a person could "clone oneself" (Pence 49). The answer to that question is no. Take for example, a fifty year old man wants to reproduce himself, so he persuades his wife to undergo a minor surgery, have an egg removed by laparoscope's, have its nucleus cut and have his genes inserted. She will then spend nine months carrying the embryo. Even if those assumptions came true, would the baby be the fifty-year-old man? It is not likely. He would definitely not be an instant, replica of him. For one thing, he would be a baby, whereas the man is fifty years old. Also, he would grow up not in the years close to World War II, but in the 21st century. The child would grow up with different surroundings, parents and friends, therefore, being a whole other being
(Pence 49). There

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