Australian Broadcasting Commission Essay

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ABC is an acronym referring to the Australian Broadcasting Commission established in 1932 and undertook its first radio broadcast on 1 July that 1932. Television broadcasting took place in 1956 and its independent incorporation was in 1983. The SBS refers to the Special Broadcasting Service took its operations first in 1975 and 1980 saw its first television broadcasting. It however became fully incorporated in 1991 as an independent broadcasting corporation.
The ABC and SBS became statutory broadcasting bodies that were established through legislation through the ABS and SBS charters. The two charters provides for the specific functions and roles to be played by ABC and SBS. The ABC Charter for instance provides that the
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The ABS and SBS provide the Australian public with news broadcasts, television programming and it also ensures that information is disseminated to the public. They act as the National broadcasters and different Charters have been passed to ensure that they deal with their duties as mandated by them. The first role that can be identified is to inform and entertain Australians this is through dissemination of Australia’s cultural identity. Moreover it also plays a role through televising images and radio broadcasts all over the world.

The role that needs to be played by ABC and SBS in informing and entertaining Australians is on the premise that it should promote the diversity of all Australian cultures and also the understanding of the unique character and characteristics of the entertainment industry. It has been stated that the two broadcasters and other players should be well endowed with providing a cultural platform to ensure that culture is delivered to the society in form of art .
One of the main functions is through delivering to Australian television and radio contents. Television content entails locally produced dramas as well as contents that are produced from other countries (Grant 2004, 32). The broadcasters should be critical in ensuring that they adopt clear objectives in the television, radios and new media to highlight their role in protecting our culture and identity (Abdelhaleem and Shellhammer 2011 , 34). The Australian government

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