Attention Deficit Disorder Essay

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Attention Deficit Disorder Attention Deficit Disorder is a problem in which many American children and even some adults suffer from. This problem can affect schoolwork, discipline, and even a job.
Attention Deficit Disorder is a problem in which many people are not truly aware about, and the signs can be quite obvious.
Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD) is a problem that effects many children and even some adults. It allows them to be easily distracted and have a very short attention span.
For example, ADD children would have trouble with group learning, or a classroom environment. There are so many distractions and it is hard for the child to concentrate on just one thing. They would benefit more from a one to one
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They are now having to deal with the psychological or emotional problems that has been brought about due to the non-treatment of the disease.
Glenn Hunsucker states, “Attention Deficit Disorder, with or without hyperactivity, is a neurological problem. It does not occur in the muscles, arms and legs, but in the brain” (Hunsucker, 1988, p. 15). There are three different causes for Attention
Deficit Disorder. They are hereditary, physiological, and psychological. Although none of these are the main reason for this disorder many aspects of each help bring about this disorder in children. The first cause to talk about is hereditary. Studies have been done in which the families of the ADD children experienced alcoholism, drugs, and depression. The siblings of these ADD children are most likely to also have similar problems. Hunsucker also states, “Hereditary explains where the individual obtains ADD, but it does not explain how it occurred in the first individual who passed it down” (Hunsucker, 1988, p. 16).
The next area in which the cause of ADD is talked about is the physiological aspects of life. The main problem in which some nutritionists claim is the main problem is the affect of sugar in a child’s system. It is true that if any human eats enough sugar, then he/she will become agitated or hyper. Although this is not the cause of ADD, it can sure pontificate on the

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