Essay about Applied Behavior Analysis

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Applied Behavior Analysis

What is Autism?
Autism is a neurological disorder delaying overall development and functioning. Children with autism generally experience prominent delays in the development of language, non-verbal communication, cognitive abilities, adaptive functioning, and social interaction. Children with autism often exhibit self stimulatory behavior such as spinning, rocking, hand flapping, or other peculiar motor behaviors. Autistic children can also be characterized by repetitive behavior and obsession with routine. Wide ranges of severity exist among those affected, for example, communication development can be displayed through complex language acquisition or the child may demonstrate no form of
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Each item mastered builds upon the next. Initially the child could spend up to 40 hours a week in this type of therapy for a minimum of two years. The one-to-one time is decreased as the child becomes involved in school or group settings and more incidental teaching can be applied.


Documented Research in ABA

ABA research has been ongoing for more than forty years. ABA is most commonly referenced by the work of Dr. O. Ivar Lovaas and his colleagues. Their comprehensive study in 1973 documented 9 out of the 19 children in the experiment were able to attend typical first grade classrooms without special accommodations and were indistinguishable among their peers. The May Institute in Massachusets conducted a study on 14 children with autism. Their reseach documented significant improvements in mental age scores and social age scores in 12 children. Additionally, 9 children increased their language capabilities by up to a 18 month developmental gain. The Murdoch Early Intervention Program and the University of California - San Fransico Study also resulted in measurable increases in intellectual and social functioning. You may read the specific method of experimentation, client selection, hours of therapy, and individual outcomes of each study in the book Behavioral Intervention for Young Children with Autism edited by Catherine

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