Analysis of manifest destiny as depicted in Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy

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Analysis of manifest destiny as depicted in Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy Violence has always been part of society. A cursory glance at the evolutionary periods to the classical ages up to the modern time shows that many breakthroughs were made after violent upheavals to either remedy the wrongs in society or to ensure survival of one group against the other. Such instances include the wars for territory where one group was faced by extinction if they didn’t rise up in arms such as the regular French-Germanic wars. In church wars the argument was warfare was justified when performed in services and defense of the church and the faith and this was further supported by absolution for those who died in the war, (Riley-Smith). However, …show more content…
However, the belief was also opposed by among others Abraham Lincoln who felt such aggressive tendencies bordered on treason especially when the government was supposed to support them. His theory of relative patriotism was best demonstrated in the Eulogy to Henry Clay (Fornieri). To understand the implication of the manifest destiny at the period, an assessment of the characters in Blood Meridian is imperative. This novel has received world wide acclaim though critics have always expressed reservations on the violence it depicts. The novel unveil the violence of manifest destiny by following the tracks of the protagonist named the Kid in a 1849-50 setting. The runaway kid whose mother had died at child birth falls foul of the law and within no time, the tendency towards violence that is inherent in him is revealed. From the first early fight in bar brawl, the author depicts the Kid as one whose propensity to violence places him as a good candidate for the violence of the West frontiers. With time, the young teenager comes into contact with other outlaws such as Ben Tobin and Toadvine and it is the latter who cajoles him to join the Glanton gang. This vicious group gets its respite from the Mexican government by hunting for scalps in return for bounties in Chihuahua

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