Essay on An Unfortunate Accident: The Family Betrayal

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My trembling hands clutch the crinkled bed sheets. They tighten their grasp as I slowly lift my eyelids and bring myself back to reality. A haze shields my vision. As I attempt to raise my head, a chain suffocates me, dragging my body back onto the hospital bed. My fingers swiftly crawl up my chest, recklessly clinging to my neck, trying to identify the restraint. A neck brace. Now that I take a look at my broken body, I see a several layers of bandaged tapes, with crimson marks seeping through, covering my injured arms and bruised legs. I wince at the thought of blood and slip back into unconscious. A sharp pain emerges from my shoulder as a voice follows. “Mr. Anderson! Hello! Are you with us?” I find the nurse’s firm yet gentle …show more content…
A moment of blackness was all that was left. My flashback was interrupted as Dr. Simon slammed the door behind him. His dreary expression didn’t indicate my health progress. Was I okay? Maybe there was something wrong with me. Would I be able to move my neck again? The uncertainty of the situation gradually gnawed at me, in the back of my mind. My hands fidget, while Dr. Simon began to skim through my file. He grunts “Well, everything seems to be great here,” with his abrasive tone. “You’ll be on your feet in no time.” His monotonous voice almost drifted me back into my daze, until the door welcomed another guest.
“Blake! Are you okay? How do you feel now,” my brother bellowed, while inappropriately sauntering into the room.
“I’m fine, Adam” I croaked.
“Mom’s so worried about you. She almost had a panic attack when she heard the news….”
“Well, Dr. Simon here says I’m fine. Tell Mom not to worry. I’ll be alright.”
“She’s not so sure. She thinks you can’t handle your car anymore.”
“Mother can’t take that away from me. After all we are adults now, Adam.”
“Yep! But she’s still the one with all the money! Oh, well…do you want me to get you some chicken noodle soup or something?
“Yea, that’d be great Adam. Thanks.”
“No problem.”
Adam scurried out of the room and Dr. Simon trailed behind him. I had the room all to myself now. N one around, just me, the beige colored walls, and silence. My feet carried themselves to the bathroom,

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