An Inside Look at the Charity Suas Essay

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This essay will focus on the charity Suas, especially the Literacy support programme it offers to schools in disadvantaged areas such as around Galway, Cork and Dublin. Suas provide a paired reading and homework club which I volunteered with as part of my service learning. The literary support programme runs for eight weeks and requires the volunteer to dedicate one work a week. The charity Suas was founded in 2002 by a group of college students studying in Trinity College Dublin at the time. During my service learning I worked with three different children aged from nine to eleven, what I have learned, experienced and discovered during this programme will be discussed in this essay.

Suas main goal is to provide children in
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Suas work with children aged 8 to 14 years old. The programme includes a half an hour of reading, followed by a half an hour of doing homework. To prepare for the volunteering all volunteers which are called literacy mentors are given an introductory evening where we were given basic training for the programme. An example would be the correct, pause and praise method, where when the child mispronounces a word the mentor gives them the correct word, pauses to allow them to say and then praises them on their reading. The children who participate will improve their literacy, their educational achievement, will boost their confidence and give them an overall better understanding of the importance of learning (Literary Suas).

Programmes like the Literacy support programme help children understand the importance of literacy and to continue it on to further their learning. Despite the highly unstable state of literacy in the world today in media because of social and technological factors that have influenced the new way of communication rather than written (Kress p. 2). Primary school is a major social institute for children where they learn habits, skills and values such literacy (Molcho 28 Jan. 2014). The literacy support programme offers growing opportunities for children and for the volunteers, who can made a difference and see firsthand the difference they are making to the children. Our environment influences from the very beginning

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