American Based Media Corporations: Opening the Global Lines of Communication

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The world is separated by many barriers that are today being overcome by technology. Leading the way in this explosion are American based media corporations. Earlier on many businesses saw investing in operations overseas as being a waste of money and time. Americans have had the tendency to think that the world revolves around them. This thought process has kept many companies from expanding into the international markets. The American culture dominance in regards to music, style and way of life is spreading like wildfire through out the world.
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American Based Media Corporations: Opening the Global Lines of Communication

In the last twenty years technology has made expansion into overseas arenas much easier
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Being that telegraph was so expensive at the time, the six papers decided to form a union to make the use of this tool more affordable. It didn't take the Associated Press long to take off, there was a demand for a service such as this. This group of reporters worked extremely diligently and quickly and in 1848 and were able to open their first bureau overseas in Halifax ( The growth of the Associated Press has thrived so exceptionally primarily due to the increasing technology available to the business. Inventions like the satellite computers and the Internet all have been crucial to the success of the Associated Press throughout history.

This non-profit organization which started out with only ten owners now has 1550 US owners and is steadily increasing ( In terms of the organization's global power, the Associated Press transmits about "millions of words, hundreds of photos, and video and audio reports via satellite transmission per day all across the world" (http:// The impact among people's lives that the Associated Press makes is incredible considering how much information is pumped out on a daily basis. The Associated Press has about 15,000 news outlets and more than 110 countries, coupled with about 90 different bureaus overseas ( pages/history/origins.htm). In a sense

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