Alumina Inc: Recognizing And Minimizing Tort And Regulatory Risk

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Many organizations contend with tort liability and management in the day-to-day business. The proper management and preventive measures to limit the organizations exposure tort liability has become a key to effective operating a business. This paper will identify the tort liability and regulatory risk of Alumina within a business plan to manage it. The prevention, detection, and corrective measures for each liability will be described. The best course of action to alleviate tort liability will be identified during this plan and the expected results of proper management for Alumina and any organization. The business simulation centered on Alumina; a company with previous liabilities that had action brought against the company …show more content…
Thus decreasing the threat of the defamation brought on by the local resident. Without effective preventative measures the company will need to provide detailed detection on the basis of the claim. Isolating the true nature of the claim will be the first step in the process. Then verifying the company’s responsibilities in comparison to the claim will be essential. Once the true problem is identified Alumina will need to make public current federal regulation scores showing the level of compliance. This will create a shroud of doubt in the public opinion into the accusation of pollution, and allow the company more time to provide more proof before losing public perception. During this time Alumina will need to initiate and exploratory group to investigate claim and review company guidelines to illustrate the liability of the issue. This group can also publish their findings to the public to keep a positive perception. With compliance of these processes the company can move into the corrective phase of resolving this claim. By publishing the findings of the exploratory and federal findings the company can ensure that the claimant will satisfied or at least found to be fruitless. The public perception will be swayed to neutral or in favor of the company. Alumina can accomplish this by addressing the public directly through forums and advertisement of the facts. First

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