Aggressive Technological Advancement vs Environmental Preservation

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Technology, in twenty-first century, is not demanded for its definition, as most people in earth is familiar with its blessings in their lives, may it be few or many; as much is environment known as well, as human beings born and dwell under it their whole lives. And then comes human efficiency; this signifies the ability of mankind to work, design civilisation, overall, to survive with or without the presence of technological equipments and new scientific inventions. This paper is intended to

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To many people of the world, doctors are respected as God. People depend on medical science as much as on doctors with their lives. The development in this sector has introduced treatments like open heart surgery, heart transplantation, organ replacements, test-tube baby etc. Developed instruments make these treatments successful with artificial heart, battery less pacemaker, x-ray computed tomography, life support equipments and many more.

Apparently, all the advancements in medical science seem to have no adverse effect on nature or any other creatures in any ways. However, there are many effects, as invention demands for extensive research where scientists conduct their initial experiment on animals before applying on human. This animal testing has been an issue of debate over many years showing conflict between groups. Supporting neither of the groups, my claim is that medical research has to compromise its methods to balance with nature. The compromise does not demand to hinder medical developments, but to consider ways of measuring appropriately the essentials for human. Though being science fictions, example can be quoted from movies like “The Jurassic Park (series)”, “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)”, which shows that how much money, time and effort are being wasted for lame, unnecessary and potentially dangerous research programs.

Engineering technology today is
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