A Proposal for a Law to Monitor Cloning Essay

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The purpose of this essay is to propose a policy for monitoring and legislating cloning so that it can be used appropriately for science and medical research and benefits. This report will explain the needs for monitoring cloning, my plan for monitoring cloning, the many benefits that the world will gain from monitoring cloning, and how we can implement my plan.

The Cloning Controversy

Public opinion toward cloning is often negative. A Time /CNN poll taken a few days after Ian Wilmut's announcement regarding the cloning of a sheep found that 93% of Americans felt cloning was bad, and 66% opposed animal cloning (Masci 2). Many religious groups have taken a definite stand on the cloning issue. The Catholic Church has been a strong
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Other churches, like the Evangelical Free Church, feel that cloning goes against their faith. The Reverand Stephen Paul Goold, senior pastor of the Crystal Evangelical Free Church in New Hope, Minnesota, felt that:

In the Book of Genesis we learn that plants and animals are under our domain. Neither has a soul. But people are far more than biological. Any attempt to clone human beings would be the ultimate attempt to be equal to God. And the scriptural consequences of trying to play God are clear. (Peterson F1)

On the human cloning issue, all denominations agree that this type of reproduction is wrong.

Opposition to cloning also comes from an ethical standpoint. When Dolly was cloned, her cell was the only one, out of 277 cells, that developed into a healthy lamb (Masci 2). This idea is one of many that bothers ethicists. Many tries are used to make a clone, and many of these attempts are unsuccessful and result in defective embryos, which in the future could result in damaged and handicapped babies (Fried 60). Other concerns of ethicists include who would control cloning, and the possibility of creating "monsters" (Fried 60). Karen Grandstrand Gervais, Ph. D., the Director of the Minnesota Center for Health Care Ethics, feels that "human cloning would be done for a specific goal: to make stronger, more intelligent [sic] or more

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