A New Approach to the War on Drugs Essay

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Wars are never won. Unlike a game, the cost associated with a war ensures that there is never really a winner. If you could ask the dead, I doubt they would answer that their lives were worth the price of victory. Such is the case with the so called “War on Drugs.” Movies and folklore have glamorized war as something noble. They suggest that a cause worth fighting for is worth the ultimate sacrifice. It is true that there are times throughout our history that mankind, with his back against the wall, has had to risk all for the greater good. Unfortunately, lost in this desperation, we often look towards inspiration instead of solution. We look for a rally cry that we can all get behind instead of searching for answers. Politicians …show more content…
If we win this war, it will be by the hands of the youth of America.
Youth of America
There is simply no other group that is equipped to deal with the War on Drugs like the youth of our nation. Illicit drug use in our nation has been shown to begin as early as 12 and peaks between 18 and 20 (SAMHSA, 2012). After this peak, there is a linear reduction in the use of drugs over the course of our lives. What this translates to is that, after the age of 20, we gradually grow further away from an intimate knowledge of the problem we are trying to address. There is no other group of people that possesses such an intrinsic knowledge of the problem and holds the influential power to convince their peers to “put down their weapons.” Understanding the enemy and remembering the lessons learned from the history of failures, we can empower our youth with the knowledge and tools they need to win this war.
Methods to End the War. Throughout history, governments have attempted many different methods to win the war. Just as with any war, you learn more about your enemy as time goes on. The ultimate goal being to learn more about your enemy than your enemy knows about you. With knowledge, you are supposed to be able out class your enemy. With knowledge, you are supposed to be able to outthink your enemy. With knowledge, you are supposed to be able to defeat your enemy. What happens, though, when you cut off your enemy’s head and his tail becomes the new enemy?

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