Essay about A Man of Many Words

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Winston Churchill was said to be an accomplished speaker, author, painter, soldier and war reporter throughout the First World War and the Second World War. He was born in Great Britain November 30, 1874, and he died on January 24, 1965. He was married to his wife Clementine. He lived an adventurous life and wrote several literature masterpieces describing the life he led, the lives he witnessed, and the struggles of living and serving through two world wars. Winston Churchill began his career as an author after a career in the army as well as holding many government positions. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Churchill in 1953,"for his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending …show more content…
Mr. Churchill wrote several memoirs on specific situations and people throughout the wars. He would serve as a journalist following a specific situation and write play by play the events he witnessed, allowing those at home a real live scenario of what war was like, the dangers of fighting, and the stories of those who lost their lives. The third paragraph will discuss the time that Churchill dedicated to his writing and the pieces that were published after this block of time dedicated solely to writing. After the wars were over, and Churchill’s government career was coming to a close, he dedicated a ten year period of his life to reading literature and writing his on depiction of his memories of the war as well as historical events that took place throughout the First World War and Second World War. As the reader reads through this essay, the hope is that they will develop a respect for the late great Winston Churchill and use this story as a stepping stone to develop their own passion. Winston Churchill was born to Lord Randolph Churchill who was an admiral for the British Army, then eventually became the Prime Minister of Great Britain. His mother was an American socialite named Jennie Jerome. He was the only child the couple born to Lord Randolph and Jennie, therefore, his father had very high expectations for his only son. Churchill’s father was very hard on Winston, and did not feel that he would

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