Essay on A Comparison of Birdsong and Regeneration

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A Comparison of Birdsong and Regeneration how far do you agree that these writings produced in recent years about WW1 you should consider the genders of writer any themes and symbols which you have come across in wider reading comment specifically on language?

Because bird song and regeneration were both written in the 1990s we see that there is a different atmosphere to some of the earlier works from such authors such as D.H. Lawrence and W. Somerset Maugham. This maybe because Lawrence and Maugham were able to live and write novels and plays as episodes of the great war was being thought, or it maybe because pat barker
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In La Tendresse the mood is much more obvious that it is at the heart of the war because the mood is lyrical, poignant, romantic scenes contrasted with ones of intense physical and emotional suffering which at most times is a lot more detailed than the works or Faulks and Barker. I assume that Barker and Faulks were not able to create the intensity that Strauss constructs throughout his novel because this diary of events is in fact real life and not fictitious such as these two novels although these two extracts are believable the reality of La Tendresse is much greater due to it being from the war years.

The 20th century ended with a collection of new novels firmly located in the Great War a number of key novels written earlier in the century were also re issued or published for the first time. In birdsong we have a close man to man bonding relationships and this is quite similar in Regeneration with the soldiers and the doctors however in the two novels we do not really see any heterosexual bonding this may be to show the masculinity that the authors have tried to create. In a birdsong we see that there is a distant lover this maybe to get a feeling of the other soldier's homes where as in La Tendresse the main characters are the doctor and his lovers and his lovers' lovers.

The plots in the two novels are that of definite differences in a birdsong

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