A Case Study of Adam, a Dyslexic Child Essay

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Adam is a 4;00 year old boy, who was referred to the LRC in June 2004 due to parental concerns regarding his communication skills with other children, social relationships, and general development. Adam's parents attended an initial intake interview with Dr Eman El Sayed on the 6th June, 2004. Following the intake it was recommended that Adam would be assessed by members of the LRC Child Development Team. The two assessing clinicians were Donia Fahim, Speech and Language therapist and Eman El Sayed, Paediatric Psychiatrist.

Adam attended the LRC on the 28th June, with his mother and father. Both clinicians were present during the assessment.

This report must be referred to in conjunction with the neuro-developmental assessment
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With regards to Adam's play skills they are currently mildly delayed by 6-9 months and are affected by his reduced language skills and motor skills. Adam demonstrated sequences of pretend play with the home corner toys. He pretended to prepare food for his parents and he gave them the food. He was able to carry out three consecutive sequences of play and he was organised and specific. For example, he pretended to bake a cake. He then placed the cake on a large plate, cut the cake and then shared it out. He placed each slice on a smaller plate and passed them to each of the adults.

When either his mother or the therapist extended his ideas he incorporated the suggestions within his play. Adam's play was not rigid nor repetitive, however when new ideas were presented he sometimes took longer than would be expected to process what was being said and to then execute or integrate the instructions within his play. He also had difficulty manipulating some of the toys. Please refer to the neuro-developmental report for observations on fine and gross motor skills.

Adam used language whilst playing and he answered questions related to his play. He was able to provide information in response to questions asked regarding his play. He was at times imaginative, e.g. he pretended to add salt to the chicken he was cooking.

To summarise Adam's play skills are delayed and affected by his reduced language, motor development and overall cognitive abilities. Adam needs

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