A Brief Summary of the Age of Enlightment Essay

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Age of Enlightenment

When Aristotle famously said: "Virtue is a state of character concerned with choice, being determined by rational principle as determined by the moderate man of practical wisdom", not many could fathom the message intended for during his time. In fact, his ideas of decisions based on logical thinking were largely rejected by the Greek public in favor for traditions. Fast forward close to two thousand years, the Age of Enlightenment arrived. Francis Bacon instigated a revolution in the human thought in the 17th century. The thinkers began to question the rigid traditional ideas and institutions in placed using reasoning and science. The principles of reasoning and rationalism behind the Age of Enlightenment were
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Francis Bacon, a famous English philosopher indirectly instigated a major movement that was later enhanced by the likes of John Locke and Pierre Bayle [3]. This movement however is different from the movement that occurred in the past as it was movement that involves the revolution in human thought. The emphasis of decision-making was placed on reasoning and rationalism instead of the usual traditions practiced in the past [3]. Royal families began to endorse and foster the prominent figures of enlightenment and the principles of enlightenment played an important role in maintaining peace among the European countries [4]. The Age of Enlightenment was a product of the Scientific Revolution. The Scientific Revolution which provides the basis of the enlightenment principles led to numerous discoveries which shaped the modern world [5]. The work of previously unknown scientists were finally accepted and embraced by the people. Although the Age of Enlightenment lasted until the end of the 18th century, its core principles survived through the ages and the basic ideas of enlightenment are still being accepted by society today. The current Information Age utilizes the basic principles of enlightenment, as the emphasis on intellectual enlightenment and scientific approach remain to be significant in human progress. The principles of

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