Beowulf Argumentative Essay

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Beowulf, the defender of all men, was sitting at his desk quietly looking over his paperwork. This research had to be used tomorrow in court. Beowulf couldn’t make a mistake, after all he was only a paralegal. Earning money for his college was a hard task due to his addiction to gambling. Every single night he went out to a new casino looking for the only sound that ever helped him relax. The beautiful gaming machines, made as sound so peaceful that it helped him get his mind off of the case. Today, he hadn’t been at the casino and he was starting to get anxious, but he needed to get the job done. Impressing his superior was important because if the senior partner won the case he would be able to get some extra money of acknowledgment. A paralegal …show more content…
It was his boss, he hadn’t programmed his alarm clock. Now Beowulf, the lazy paralegal, gets out of bed and makes himself a coffee. Not only was he addicted to gambling he was also addicted to coffee. Getting into his suit, he heads out of his dirty apartment.

“Get over here you lazy bum”, he yells at the cab. Running up to the cab and jumping in. Arriving as quickly as he could to his firm because he was late. Beowulf then remembers the last time he was late:

At the elevator he was delayed and this is exactly why he was 15 minutes late to the meeting. In the elevator he had met this really old 60 year-old man and had helped him get to the office he needed to go. Of course the people at the meeting didn’t understand why he had done that, so the kicked him out of the meeting and later on called him into his boss’ office.

“Why were you late to the meeting, when I very specifically told you to be on time- even 5 minutes early because we needed to prepare the information? said his boss with a voice that hinted at him loosing his temper slowly.

“I was helping an old man get to the place he needed to get to,” he answered cautiously but with
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“I am not only Grendel, I am Grendel, the devil. Grendel, the one that is going to destroy your life. I am Grendel, your addiction.” Smiling she disappeared into thin air.
Beowulf wasn’t going to let a foolish hotel attendant talk to him like that, he was not addicted to gambling, so he went back to the table and decided to report her to costumer service. When he got to the table, he noticed that the girl had actually won all of him money, so he decided to go up to his room.
Hrothgar was nowhere to be seen, by now he was starting to get shaky, he was at las Vegas and he didn’t have a penny on him. Looking for Hrothgar he went to the bar, where he saw Grendel once again, this time stealing from the red headed guy at the bar. Going up to her he punched her in the jaw and noticed that his fist went right through her. This time when she opened her mouth she spoke the words that Beowulf was most afraid of hearing, “I am not real, Beowulf, I am not a person, I am you. Your addiction, your money, gambling, the only way you are going to defeat me is if you start being an honest, selfless man, that is in control of

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