A Multiple Choice Test on Julius Caesar Essay

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Julius Caesar Multiple Choice Unit Test 1 Name_____________________________________

MULTIPLE CHOICE UNIT TEST 1 - Julius Caesar I. Matching/Identify _____ 1. Strato _____ 2. Lucilius _____ 3. Octavius _____ 4. Artemidorus _____ 5. Brutus _____ 6. Caesar _____ 7. Casca _____ 8. Calpurnia _____ 9. Mark Antony _____ 10. Portia _____ 11.Lepidus _____ 12. Decius _____ 13. Pindarus _____ 14. Cassius _____ 15. Soothsayer A. Captured by Antony's soldiers, mistaken for Brutus B. Persuades Caesar to attend Senate meeting C. First to stab Caesar D. convinces Brutus to join conspiracy with false letters E. Holds the sword for Brutus to kill himself F. Wife of Brutus G. The least important member of the 2nd triumvirate H. warns Caesar “Beware the
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d. Decius reinterprets Calpurnia's dream to entice Caesar to go to the meeting. 13. What is ironic about the timing of Caesar's murder (in relation to the preceding events)? a. He is murdered just as he is reading the warning from Portia. b. He is destroyed just after proclaiming his magnificence and indestructibility. c. It occurs just after a great storm and earthquake. d. Brutus has changed his mind, but is not able to stop the others. 14. According to the play, Caesar was stabbed _______ times: a. 300 c. 13 b. 33 d. 3 15. What did Brutus say to the people at the funeral? A. He told them the assassination was the only logical way to do the best thing for the people. B. He told them he would be a much better ruler than Caesar, and asked for their trust and support. C. He said he would divide Caesar's wealth among the people after the funeral. D. He criticized Caesar for being a cruel and evil ruler.

Julius Caesar Multiple Choice Unit Test 1
16. What did Antony say to the people in his funeral speech for Caesar? A. He accuses the conspirators of treason and demands that they be put to death for Caesar's murder. B. He says the Caesar deserved to die, and the people should thank the conspirators. C. He contradicts the accusations made by the conspirators of treason and demands that they be put to death for Caesar's murder. D. He praises Caesar and asks that a memorial be built for him. 17. Octavius and Antony form a triumvirate with: a.

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