A Good Man Is Hard to Find: Analisys 6 Essays

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You are sitting in your living room at home watching the nightly news. The lead story for the night is about a family of four that were murdered. After seeing and hearing about something like that we often ask ourselves, What could possess a person enough to kill another human being? What is it that drives a person to kill? Will we ever know? Many authors use this unique mentality in short stories. They write about what the killer thinks and how he/she acts on his/her thoughts. One of these stories is "A Good Man Is Hard To Find", by Flannery O'Connor. In this story O'Connor's victim, The Misfit, is an escaped convict. He was in the Federal Penitentiary for killing his father. Throughout the story O'Connor builds up this killers …show more content…
Could a mental defect be the cause behind his actions and not remembering his past? The Misfit then explained that a psychiatrist at the penitentiary said that he killed his father, "but I known that for a lie" he states (O'Connor 690). He steadily denies the fact that he killed his father. He feels no guilt for his death, therefore having no problem returning to the lifestyle of a killer. His imagination paints a picture that is appealing to him, so he once again follows it. A mother and daughter, who were also in the accident, were taken out into the deep woods. The Misfit's two companions escorted them there. More shots can be heard, whistling through the trees like screaming bullets. The grandmother again becomes frightened and begins to talk to The Misfit about praying to Jesus for help. The Misfit then tells the grandmother that Jesus is the only one who can raise the dead. He did not believe this. "He thrown everything off balance, … if I [he] had of been there I would of known and I wouldn't be like I am now" (O'Connor 691). The grandmother once again looked deep into The Misfits eyes. She pictures a familiar face and says, "Why you're one of my babies, … one of my own children!" (O'Connor 691). This immediately startled The Misfit. The woman leaned towards him, and with no hesitation he grabbed his gun. He fired three shots into the grandmothers' chest, killing her instantly. This was an innocent family murdered by a

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