Essay about A General to Remember : Francis Marion "Swamp Fox"

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A General To Remember

"Come, my boys! Let us go back and we will find the Gamecock. But as for this damned old fox, the devil himself could not catch him!" That was the famous quote by Banastre Tarleton, a British general and soldier, who gave the “Swamp Fox” his name. Francis Marion was the “Swamp Fox’s” real name. Marion was born on February 26th 1732, in Goat Field Plantation in Saint Johns Parish, Berkeley County, South Carolina. When Marion was a boy, he set off to sail at the age of 15 but ended up being stranded at sea for a week before him and 7 other crewmembers drifted to shore stated in the online Smithsonian Magazine The Swamp Fox. Marion later joined the South Carolina militia just before his 25th birthday to fight in the
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Marion was one of the first to ever take on the style of killing the generals or higher leaders first instead of the soldiers like the ‘rules of war’ were. On January 20th, 1780, Francis Marion became promoted to brigadier general under a man named Nathanael Greene, said in the book Swamp Fox: The Life and Campaigns of General Francis Marion. Marion got his nickname from a man named Banastre Tarleton because of his ways for guerrilla warfare and how good he was at them. Tarleton was frustrated with chasing Marion around through Ox Swamp and gave up saying: “Come, my boys! Lets us go back and we will find the Gamecock. But as for this damned old fox, the devil himself could not catch him!” This was found in the article General Francis Marion.
However, despite what he did fighting, he was a father to all. Marion had no children of his own, but treated his nieces and nephews and friends all the same as if he was their father. He cared about them and looked out for them, hence why he would forbid his troops from plundering their Loyalist neighbors, which is again is said in the article Francis Marion. Marion was a father to all; everyone looked up to him and appreciated him for what he did and what he was like.
Some people may say that the Swamp Fox wasn't even a hero, let alone an anti-hero. People think that because of Marion’s guerrilla style way of fighting, he wasn't a good guy because he

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