A Doll House Analyzation Essay

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1. A Doll House By: Henrik Ibsen
This quotation is found within the play “A Doll House”. The character Nora is speaking to her old friend Mrs. Linde and Dr.Rank. The time period and society Nora lived in, was where women were viewed as inferior to men. Women of that era were expected to stay at home and attend to the needs of their spouse and children. Her husband Torvald, would constantly disallow the slightest pleasures that she aspired to have, such as macaroons. Nora lived a life of lies in order to hold her marriage together. She kept herself pleased with little things such as telling Dr. Rank and Mrs. Linde; "I have such a huge desire to say-to hell and be damned!" This quote is significant within the play because it is Nora trying
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It appears that she is both disgusted by men but sexually playful with them, specifically, with Jean. Within this play Strindberg chooses to reaffirm the point that women are masochist and psychotic, through his creation of Julie’s contradictory personality. For example, when Julie proposes suicide, Jean declares that he could never follow through with a plan to kill himself, and says that the difference between the sexes is that men are not masochistic, as women are. Another theme connecting to the quote is the conflict between gender and class. The most obvious being the relationship between Jean and Julie. Julie is Jean’s superior in regards to class but in morality he is Julie’s superior because she is as Strindberg illustrates, a “degenerate women”.

10. The Journals of Susanne Moodie Poems by: Margaret Atwood
These lines are found in the poem “Death of a Young Son by Drowning”. This particular line of the poem is important because it is the very last stanza and it is laid on the page differently. It is indented to put emphasis on the words that are being written. That emphasis is that Atwood is describing the death of a boy indirectly and uses the metaphor of planting the son in the ground like a flag for a country.

11. A Room of One’s Own By: Virginia Woolf
In this quote Woolf is trying to address the female generation as a professor. She calls them out as being “disgracefully

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