A Doll House 3 Essay

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A main character, Torvald, in the play A Doll House, by Henrik Ibsen could be viewed as a morally ambiguous character. He displays the character traits of a morally ambiguous person. Torvald’s personal consumption of appearances shows how he treats his wife and home and personal pride. Torvald’s wife Nora is the center of several of the traits that classify him as a morally ambiguous character. Nora is more like a possession to Torvald than a soul mate or wife. She is like a doll to him, something that he can control and shape into what he wants. Nora is treated like a child and as if she can not function a second without him to be there to tell her what to do. Her dependency on him is extremely important to him because that is …show more content…
Often treating Nora as a child or a fool concerning money, he sets out to glorify himself through his knowledge. Considering himself superior to Nora shows how he seeks attention for himself. Since he is successful he likes to be praised and known for all of his hard work as the man of the house. He treats his marriage as a game and just seeks to be the best. With his desire to be the best of class he shows that he is in fact an ambiguous character because he wants people to believe he is a true family man, but all he really wants is to be showered with praise for being such a good man. When Torvald finds out the news that Nora took out a loan to save his life he becomes furious. He sees his wife’s loving effort as a spite to him and is embarrassed to have had help from a woman. It is humiliating to him to know that a woman who was seen as dumb and somewhat useless saved his life. As soon as he calms down comforts Nora as a child and forgives her for her foolishness. He wants to just move on and forget about it, as if it never happened. He assures her that it is not her fault for not knowing right from wrong and presumes to saying that he will educate her. As this statement is said Nora decides that she no longer wants to be under the control of Torvald and wants to live life. She realizes that she was just merely an icon of a proper lifestyle all of her like. Torvald shows yet again how he only cares about himself when he

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