A Comparative Analysis of Two Theories-One of Each You Consider a Theory of Health Promotion and the Other Which Is a Theory for Health Promotion. You Need to Support Your Answer Using an Example from Your Own Practice

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Health Promotion
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Health Promotion
The concept of health promotion initially emerged and continues to gain strength as an approach to improving health status and health condition of people. Health promotion is a key component of the complex relationship between actions, knowledge, attitudes, behaviour, and health outcomes from the individual to the societal level. Health promotion is increasingly applicable and relevant to practice within health care and health research specialty around the world. This paper aims at exploring the fundamental concepts of health, health promotion, and multiple
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Determinants of the health promotion have been identified in the first definition, whereas second definition emphasize on the components of health promotion that enhances the capability of individuals towards health improvement. This definition places emphasis on social and environmental intervention instead of individual behaviour (Tones 2001, 32).

Approaches to Health Promotion There are five approaches that are commonly used for enhancing health promotion. These approaches include: 1. Medical approach 2. Behaviour change approach 3. Educational approach 4. Empowerment approach 5. Social change approach
The Medical Approach Medical approach focuses on freeing the people from diseases. In this approach, patient is dependent on medical professional or experts for the treatment (Cattan 2006, 48). Major emphasis, in this concern, is placed on patient’s ability to effectively follow the medical procedures. This might include compliance with medical treatments, drug compliance, or strictly following the proper medical treatment procedures. Main objective of this approach is to reduce morbidity and premature mortality while making certain that patient remain free from disabilities, and illness conditions (Cattan 2006, 111). Under this approach, activities include medical intervention to avert illness and health

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