Zhou Jianglin Essay

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Q1. What are the Key Issues faced by Zhou?

1. The Project Budget has been 110 Million, but the Proposal from Postal/Nortel has come for 107.5 million. Including engineering, installation and maintenance, the project is over budget by 37.4 million dollars.
2. Non Availability of in house telecommunications Engg Expertise at JBC which makes them completely dependent on Postal/Nortel which again leads to Risky Situation as far as Short term span of the Project is considered.
3. The director of the Services division, who is an influential stakeholder preferred a comparison between Nortel and Alcatel before deciding on the equipment provider for the project. However Postal (who will ultimately deliver the solution to JBC) positioned the
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Zhou can then compare and provide alternatives to Han on which proposal to take forward. This will also assuage other stakeholders like Shao, Director of Services who thinks Alcatel products are better. Scope, time, cost and quality need to be considered in evaluating the proposals

Since Zhou is concerned as to how Postel can deliver the project on time and within budget, he should ask for a detailed WBS from Postel and a Network Diagram depicting the critical path for the project. He should also set up a risk register to track project risks, like delay in equipment, impact of weather on the implementation, etc.

He should look at the option of hiring some qualified telecommunications engineers instead of completely relying on Postel and other suppliers. This could also decide whether the network should be centrally or remotely controlled

Q4. What generic strategies would be applicable to the project managers?

1. The project managers should be Keen with Respect to 'Progressive Elaboration' in mind. In a project of Such Importance there are bound to be changes from the Original Plan. So it is Necessary for the project managers to keep track of these changes and make adjustments as and when necessary to meet the desired plan.
2. Project Communications Management becomes critically important because of the number of stakeholders and parties involved. JBC,

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