Young Goodman Brown And The Minister's Black Veil Analysis

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Nathaniel Hawthorne as a writer was a paradox or rather, his works conflicted each other, as he wrote about his Puritan heritage through fiction. This conflicting nature would show up in in the themes of his works. This theme appears in two of Hawthorne 's short stories, Young Goodman Brown and The Minister 's Black Veil. However, the theme is presented differently in the two stories. In Young Goodman Brown, the theme is presented more openly and is the center of the story. However, in The Minister’s Black Veil, the theme is more subtle and causes some events to happen. This theme of good vs evil is presented in the two stories, Young Goodman Brown and The Minister’s Black Veil.
The theme of good vs. evil first appears in Young Goodman Brown with the character, Goodman Brown. He is essentially his namesake, he is good. In the beginning, he sets off on an unknown errand into the forest at sunset, leaving his wife Faith for the night. Hawthorne writes that the purpose of this errand is evil and that,
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bad, which appears with the main character Minister Hooper as well. Minister Hooper is not good in comparison to Goodman Brown, but the Minister is determined to reclaim the good he once had by wearing a black veil over his face. He wears the veil to atone for a sin or for sins that he committed before the story began. During the story however, he never takes the veil off. In the beginning of the story, the veil surprises the townspeople but he never takes it off. This unnerves the townspeople, so they subtly come together to exclude him from the village, even though he is their minister. Even his fiancée tries to get him to remove the veil, and still he does not. Facing loneliness from the village ostracizing him and his wife leaving him, he still refuses. He lives out his life never taking off the veil. Finally, on his deathbed, as they are about to take off the veil, he refuses one last time and is buried with

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