Essay about Yo Mama 's Last Supper By Cox

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Yo Mama’s Last Supper by Cox portrays a naked black woman in the middle, surrounded by twelve men sitting around the table, six men on each side. She is not wearing any sort of garments except for a simple white cloth around her arms that are spread out. This art piece consists of five photographs each with three-men group; thus, the seeming division based upon similar actions is created. The man immediate right to the woman is the only man with paler skin color. On the table, there are a feast of fruits, vegetables, bread, and drinks. There are curtains in each background with a symbol in two of them.
Now, I must conduct a concextualization in this analysis. This art piece has become well known as one of the most provocative art pieces in the contemporary world. The reason why the public considers this art as provocative is because Cox is demonstrating her body as a protest of existence or of resistance within the setting of an all-male and all-minority background.
I believe she is intending to be viewed as Jesus Christ. The combination of nakedness and white cloth that are worn around her spread out arms could be to symbolize the purity and holiness of female body. Since the color white typically stand for purity, taintlessness, or innocence as brides usually wear white dress to symbolize virginity.
In addition, from the title of this art piece, it tells us that this woman is posing as Jesus; she is spreading her arm out like Jesus depicted in the iconic painting by…

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