Essay on Yeast And The Most Vital Part Of Human Existence

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Food is on of the most vital part of human existence. Ever since the beginning of mankind food has been experimented with and improved for a better taste and to fill an appetite. On of the great things man has made is baking, a way to cook bread and other delicious pastries. But to make the thick heavy dough into the airy scrumptious large bread that we eat on a daily basic requires a lot more skill and science than one would think. The way that bread raises is with a vital ingredient called yeast. But what is yeast and what things affect the outcome that it makes. That is what I have researched and have come to inform people about.
To know how bread works one has to know what yeast is. Yeast is a single celled organism that is a fungus. Normally this form of yeast is found in the wild and can harm a human if digested. But the yeast used in baking is called bakers yeast and is used for its flavor and lightness (Bakers Yeast). Obviously this form of yeast is controlled and does not harm humans if consumed inside foods. But since yeast is a living organism is consumes things and produces things. Yeast consumes sugars like the ones in stretchy warm breads (Bakers Yeast). The sugars are made by the flour and water and make long proteins called gluten. When mixed with bread the yeast cells consume the gluten sugars in the bread and produce alcohol and carbon dioxide (Baker’s Yeast). The alcohol makes the dough sweet and replaces the sweetness the gluten sugars before the yeast…

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