Yanek Gruener, A Victim Of The Holocaust

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Reading Response #2
Book: Prisoner B-3087
By: Nakayla 8-5
Yanek Gruener is a victim of the Holocaust, went through one of the worst things that have ever happen to people. During the years 1939-1945 when the second world war was going on, Yanek and his family lived on the roof of there old flat for three years. Eventually the Nazis had caught Yanek and took him through ten different concentration camps, starving, and torturing him and many others. As tons of people died each day there was only very few that survived, sadly Yanek was the only one out of his whole family to survive.
When Yanek found out that he lost his last family member he was extremely upset, he had lost all his family members due to horrible things that people have done to them, just because of their race. I have experienced a feeling just like Yanek, when my aunt died in a drunk driving accident, I felt so horrible, I felt like there was a hole inside of me for a long time. When I had heard that my aunt had died I started to cry immediately. Obviously the person that had hit my aunt wasn’t thinking of the consequences that came along with their actions, just like how the Nazis
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After reading this book I have more information about what exactly had happened, like how people just got killed just because and how little they got to eat each day. There was a very little amount of people that had came out of the concentration camps alive. I have more knowledge of what had happened that, I can’t even imagine how the Nazis could have done such a thing without feeling some kind of emotions themselves, they were torturing people and watching them die but they didnt feel anything when they were doing this. So many horrible things had happened to the people in the concentration camps, that they were scared to trust anyone again, I would have been to if this had happened to

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