Wwii Essay

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World War II: Its Causes, Effects, and the Aftermath
An American Story

History 202
Matt Shaffer
July 22, 2010

Known as one of the bloodiest wars in world history, World War II brought about many new changes of how wars are fought and had a great impact on humanity. More than 50 countries were involved in the war, and the entire world felt its effects. World War II killed more people, was more expensive, and created more drastic changes in almost every country than any other war in history. Tactical warfare was greatly influenced, as well as the major player for the center of world power. Following World War I, the United States conquered the entire world market of food and industry. Germany, Japan, and Italy became anxious
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U.S. factories were quickly converted from residential production to war production. As men joined or were drafted into the armed forces, women were forced to take their places in the war factories. In just a few years, there were more than 2 million women working in these war plants. There became urgent needs for war material worldwide (“Stanovov,” 2000). Both Allied and Axis countries were forced to measure how much consumer goods each person could get. The president was allowed to solidify prices and salaries, and a civil-defense system was enforced in order to protect the country from attacks (Lyons, 2009). Although there were never any plans from any of the Axis nations to invade the United States mainland, other attacks on the U.S. and its Allied nations are what brought the U.S. into the war. Germany looked to build an empire by taking over territories to the east and south. Once Germany had taken over France, they planned to take over the Soviet Union, the rest of Europe and North Africa. This would give Hitler and Germany total control of the Mediterranean. Therefore, Hitler could end communism and wipe out the Jews. On the other hand, Japan wanted to cripple the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. Therefore, they could take over Thailand, the Philippines, and the East Indies. Once that was accomplished, they planned to complete their total takeover of China, and join all of East Asia under

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