Writing Style Used By Introducing Reading Essay

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Often language and mathematics are what are seen as the most valuable subjects to learn in school, but these subjects lack the enjoyment aspect of an individual and dehumanize the component of learning. Graphic novels are often a way to show reading in a pleasant manner, unlike the tedious and singular-noted textbooks assigned to read, and can further encourage the pursuit of education outside of school through reading books perceived as fun to the reader. By introducing Alice in Murderland, students can find individual tastes in literature, analyze writing style used by the author, discuss allusions used throughout the novel, find understanding that all uses of reading are not needed to be for the purpose of facts, and learn how artwork can contribute to a piece of text. In Barrow, it is often difficult to have students read because they often do not care for literature and have grown up without novels that can read for enjoyment, and the notion is often left not introduced. To show the concept of reading in a new light can inspire people to go out and try something new that they have not thought of before, and with this graphic novel humor is expressed, an element often unseen in required reading. Humans are filled with emotions, not text typed onto a glowing screen; however, the aspects of reading for pleasure are often not there in a classroom. Although Alice in Murderland has many elements that can be used as an educational tool, especially in a middle school setting,…

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