Writing Is A Making A Shitty First Draft Essay example

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Writing is a Process Have you ever struggled with writing an essay? The answer is yes, because we all have. Writing an essay can be difficult. Sometimes we struggle with the format, the grammar, the content, or even getting the first sentence down. When you write you have to follow steps, be in your own spot, and most importantly conveying the pen to the paper with an open mind. Many people like to write the essay without any corrections or thought; they just do it to get it out of the way. What they don’t realize is how much work they are putting on themselves. It’s so much easier to start off your essay with a shitty first draft. When you start your essay you have to follow steps. Even though you may not enjoy the steps, your writing is a process. It takes time. You always want to start with a shitty first draft. In her essay Shitty First Draft, Anne Lamott discusses how it is important to have a shitty first draft. “All good writers write them. This is how they end up with good second drafts and terrific third drafts.” (301). This is showing you that when you sit down the day before your essay is due and you just write to get it over with and turn in your essay without ever looking at it again. You have just turned in your shitty first draft. Whereas, if you would have taken the time to edit, peer edit and edit again for both your second and third draft, you may have gotten a potentially better grade. Lamott advises you in her essay “The first draft is the child’s…

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