Write an Explanation of How You Will Create and Ensure a Healthy and Safe Home Based Environment That You Can Show to Parents and as Evidence for Cssiw

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Write an explanation of how you will create and ensure a Healthy and Safe Home based environment that you can show to parents and as evidence for CSSIW. Take into consideration: • What steps you take to make your setting healthy and safe • The three levels of supervision and how you might supervise children in different environments. • The checks you can do to ensure equipment is suitable and safe. • Where you can access up to date guidance on risk assessment and health and safety and what might this include.

Dear parents
Here at First Steps I take the care and safety of your child as paramount. I would like to assure that I do everything in my power to make sure your child has a safe as possible time whislt staying with
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Use equipment as manufacturer’s instructions
Any toys I make sure are age appropriate for the child using it, I don’t let any child access any thing which isn’t age appropriate (including DVDS and computer software), I also make sure they have either the kite mark or the European sign for safety before I allow them in my play area. I also do a visual check on all toys at the end of each day and any broken toys I remove. I wipe over the toys with an antibacterial wipe at the end of each day as well
Contacts how I carry emergency info with me when we go out
I have all contacts in my mobile phone, which I keep, fully charged. I also have a small book of names and addresses, which I keep, in the baby change bag (incase the phone stops working or is lost or stolen). So I will be able to contact you at any time if the occasion arises
Data Protection of info on Computer, Digital Photos and info carried on Phones (How would that be safe if my phone was stolen?)
As you know I have signed up on a secure website called babydays, I send to you a daily diary of what your child has been doing and if any pictures have been taken I download them onto that site which only myself and you as the parents/carers of the child is able to access

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