Wounds Cut Deeper Than The Skin Essay

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Wounds Cut Deeper than the Skin
In the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, War is defined as “a situation in which people or groups compete with and fight against each other”. Ever since the dawn of man, there has been war. Everyone knows what war brings; violence and pain. Many people who go fight for their country don’t live to see the end of the war, and many still make it back physically unharmed. But what about the people in the middle, the ones who survived but were seriously injured and crippled? In his story, “In Another Country”, Ernest Hemingway paints a dismal picture of how fleeting moments of joy, crushed dreams, rejection, and terrible loss plague the life of a wounded World War I soldier. To begin his story, Hemingway gives the reader a feel of the scenery. The Narrator, who is also the main character, starts his story off by describing the weather and scenery of World War I Milan and then quickly goes into describing his daily walks to the hospital. These daily walks are some of the only moments of the day that the narrator appears to enjoy. He briefly mentions a canal that he often crosses over in order to get to the hospital despite the fact that it causes his walk to be a little longer. He appears a special liking to one bridge, over the canal, where an old woman sells roasted chestnuts. It appears like he often times buys some chestnuts from the woman; he describes the warmth they provide him. The chestnuts don’t only warm him up from the cold…

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