Would You Walk Away From The? By Ursula K. Le Guin Essay example

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“Would You Walk Away from Omelas?” In this short story, the fictional society of Omelas seems nearly perfect, but something is lurking just beneath the surface. It is revealed that an innocent life must suffer for this society to exist in its “perfect” state. In “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”, Ursula K. Le Guin uses a fictional scenario to present the controversial idea of a moral scapegoat in order to sustain a perfect society. The society of Omelas is described as being a picturesque Utopia. It is a town that sits next to a majestic body of water and is also partially enclosed by a beautiful mountainside. Even simple things such as the parks and public buildings are described as “great” (258). The narrator claims that the train station of Omelas is “actually the handsomest building in town, though plainer than the magnificent Farmers’ Market” (Le Guin 259). This information suggests that even the mundane things such as a Farmer’s Markets are extraordinarily beautiful in this town. There is a “Festival of Summer” that takes place in this town that involves a procession of people making their way to the horse race at the great water meadow called the Green Fields (258). During the procession to the meadow there is joyous music and dancing. The narrator even goes as far as to say that Omelas sounds like a city in a fairy tale.
The citizens of Omelas were described as very happy though they were not “simple folk”. (Le Guin 257). Le Guin argues that these…

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