World Wide Depression And Backlash Of Wwi Essay

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In the midst of world-wide depression and backlash of WWI , the German economy was at an all-time low, with records of unemployment reaching 30%. The value of money was decreasing due to inflation while the price of food soared to unimaginable numbers , families lost their homes, and a countless number of people died to hunger. Wherever you look it would seem that the world would never get better, but in every situation people look for hope, peace, and a strong threshold to hold onto. The German people found their place of protection in the hands of a surreal and godlike leader: Adolf Hitler. During times of struggle the country looked to Hitler to save them from the distress that they could not control. These times of hardship were no match for the citizens to handle by themselves, and with the power of Hitler they would defeat the oppression and make Germany great again. With speaking skills no other could match at the time, Hitler touched the hearts of his followers and showed sympathy for them when they were at their lowest. To control the population, Hitler used advanced forms of propaganda that helped influence propaganda strategies well into the 21st century and used the
Schutzstaffel, his secret protection squadron commonly known as the SS, to keep his country strong and secure. Furthermore, Hitler showed his followers that his eradication of the Jews was all for God and all his reasons for action were justified to gain credibility. Along with showing support to his…

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