World War I Or The Great War Essay

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World War I or the Great War was a time period that caused many bloods and questioned morality. Each country was dedicated to make more powerful and effective weapons. Therefore, from 1914 to 1918, technology had been greatly advanced due to countries’ dedication and effort to create and improve blood shedding machines.
Poison gases are one of the many weapons used during the Great War; this method of warfare creates and created controversies for ethical reasons. Even during the World War I when thousands were slaughtered daily, leaders of the countries hesitated using chemicals in the war. In early 1915, French and German were experimenting and developing poison gases. On the other hand, British did not develop poison gas because of moral and practical reasons, so they waited until Germans to use the gases first . People often mistake Germans were the first country to use chemicals in the Great War, but this is a common misconception, it was French troops who used gases first. They used grenades filled with tear gases against the Germans in 1914, August. But this event was a huge failure, their enemies were unaffected, moreover they could not even detect the gas. After French’s failure in poison gas, Germans also faced difficulties using chemicals in the war; German troops fired shells filled with sneezing gases against British at Nueve Chapelle but it failed to disperse, they also had another attempt against Russians during the Battle of Bolimov but this also failed due…

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