World War I Left Massive Destruction Essays

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World War I left massive destruction and death in Europe. The world’s economy collapsed and it affected many countries very badly. Some countries were unable to recover from the damaged economy. World War II, one of the bloodiest and deadliest war, began in September 1939. World War II began 20 years after the World War I. The political instability and economic collapse caused by World War I led rise of fascism and Hitler in Europe which led to the Second World War. The Treaty of Versailles was another factor to cause World War II. The peace treaty was made to end World War I was ineffective. The League of Nation helped to cause World War II because it failed to do what it was made for. The Great Depression was also a factor to cause the Second World War.
World War I was the one reason why the World War II took place. The Treaty of Versailles was signed on June 28, 1919, by Germany and Allies at Palace of Versailles to end the World War I. The Treaty of Versailles Allied powers met at the Paris Peace Conference in France to discuss the treaty without inviting Germany. The Treaty of Versailles was imposed on Germany after World War I and it forced them to pay reparations. The Treaty caused Germany to repay war debts to the Allied countries. Germans had to pay about 33 billion dollars for the destruction of the war. Germany was forced by the Treaty of Versailles to hand over their territories to Poland, Belgium, and Czechoslovakia. All of Germany’s foreign colonies were given…

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