Woodrow Wilson First Lady Essay

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The start of the 20th century in 1901 brought the need for a President and first lady to an all time high. We had gotten ourselves into more extreme world affairs, so the need multiplied. Edith Roosevelt used this need to hire a secretary who publicized her activities, much like Julia Tyler did. She also oversaw many major renovations that happened to the White House at the time (“First Lady” Britannica School). Helen Taft was highly involved in politics, but in 1909 she suffered a paralyzing stroke that would leave her unable to perform her duties for a little over a year. Before her stroke, she oversaw the planting of ornamental cherry trees in the capital (“First Lady” Britannica School). Woodrow Wilson was one of three presidents that would lose their lives during their presidency (Bausum 123). Ellen Wilson died seventeen months into his presidency. In the short time she did live in the White House, she worked hard to improve housing reform. She often brought together specialists and legislators at the White House to discuss improvements, and toured lower level housing developments. When Woodrow Wilson remarried to Edith …show more content…
During her time as first lady, from 2008 to 2017, she made many vast changes in the ideas she supported. She put major emphasis on things such as poverty, healthy living, and education. During the first year of presidency, Michelle and Barack Obama could often be found volunteering at homeless shelters and soup kitchens while also helping military families balance careers. Michelle Obama has worked very hard to improve the health of our nation. She created the “Let's Move” initiative. It encouraged kids, or even adults, to get out and try something new. With her emphasis on education, she volunteered in local public schools reading and tutoring students. She was very proactive for Common Core learning also ("Michelle Obama

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