Wonder Boy Analysis

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A famous magician with a head injury tries to convince his daughter that he came from another world, that he can fly, and that he must now return to his planet before the government finds him.


WONDER BOY (40’s), a famous magician, tells his daughter, ELIZABETH WONDER (18) that he must do one last outside performance. Elizabeth tries to tell her father that he has a head injury and that there’s no way he can do another magic performance. Wonder Boy decides it’s time to tell Elizabeth the truth about who he really is.

Wonder Boy tells her that one day, back in 1955, a space capsule fell from the sky, right through the roof of the barn belonging to THURL WONDER II and his wife, LIZZY. Inside they found a baby boy wearing a
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However, bully rival, TOMMY, who also has a crush on Margaret, sees Wonder Boy fly. Tommy threatens to tell Wonder Boy’s secret, but Wonder Boy makes Tommy promise not to tell anyone. Later, Tommy finds the capsule inside the barn, but when he tells his parents, the capsule is gone. Thurl hid the capsule, making Tommy look like a …show more content…
He invites Margaret to become his magic assistant and his cousin, DALTON, agrees to become his agent. Dalton arranges for Wonder Boy to mentor under MURRISON THE MAGNIFICENT in Las Vegas.

Wonder Boy goes to Tommy, who’s now the bank manager, to ask him for a loan to save his parents ' farm, which is in danger of being foreclosed on and for funds to travel to Las Vegas. Tommy agrees to loan him the money, but if Wonder Boy doesn’t pay the loan back, Tommy can tell the world about his secret and Tommy can have the space capsule.

Wonder Boy marries Margaret, but on their wedding night, an excited Wonder Boy floats to the ceiling. He finally has to tell a shocked Margaret the truth. Wonder Boy confronts his parents, who finally show him the space capsule. Wonder Boy visits Murrison The Magnificent and tries to get him to mentor him. At first he refuses, until he realizes who Wonder Boy is. Murrison tells Wonder Boy that they come from the same planet, but were separated. Another person from their planet JUDSON works for NASA and is trying to find them a way home. Wonder Boy doesn’t want to leave his

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