Women's Desire For Revenge In Euripides 'Medea'

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“A woman’s desire for revenge outlasts all her other emotions”, said Cyril Connolly (Think Exist). Although a sexist comment, science shows that women are more inclined to calculated revenge due to their natural instinct of protecting their children. The dictionary definition of revenge is, “The action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands” (Oxford Dictionary). Otherwise, revenge means to get back at someone after being hurt. Similarly, Medea starts her dastardly plot after Jason leaves Medea and her kids, and that is something she cannot easily forget. As the quote says, Medea's desire for revenge overshadows all of her other emotions throughout the story. Euripides’s play, also called Medea, …show more content…
Heartbreaks and betrayals are often factors that cause people to seek revenge, usually on their significant other. Medea is an example of this, as she is brutally left for another person. If someone is cheated on today, most people try to embarrass the other person, usually involving the person’s family. One funny scenario happened when a boyfriend suspected his girlfriend was cheating on him. So when she asked him to leave the house for his birthday, he invited her family and his family over to throw a surprise party for her, but she is caught red handed making love to her secret lover. Similarly, Medea attacks Jason, but her methods are more evil, which involves killing everyone he loves. This is so harsh that it gets to the point when she even kills her own kids, “ my friends, I am resolved to act, and act quickly to slay the children and depart from the land,” (Euripides 243). She realizes the repercussions, but she is so bent on revenge that she kills her kids anyway. Surprisingly, “The data ... found suggests that only 21% of men have ever been unfaithful to their spouse or significant other,”(Creditdonkey) showing that men are not that unfaithful, Jason is just part of that fickle minority. Nevertheless, carrying out a barbarous deed like that needs serious incitement, and she being betrayed like that is her motivation to wreak havoc on Jason’s

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