Women 's Suffrage Movement Of The 1920 ' S Essay

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Women in the 1920’s, also know as the Roaring Twenties, were viewed as citizens, but only when it came to certain areas. The men were looked at from the perspective of being at the top of the totem pole. And what they wanted, no one could disagree, especially the women. At the turn of the century, women had a limited role in most societies around the world. Their role has dramatically changed in the social area. The suffrage movement created higher expectations for these women and shortly after in the 20th century, they were allowed to have jobs in the fields that men work in, although they weren’t perceived in the same way. The Women’s Suffrage movement had a privilege to these women in order to have a place in their society and one step closer to having a complete equality among the peoples of this century. The Flappers were introduced, and that helped women be more daring with what they wore or did in public. After this movement, their role in the economics did change dramatically, such as having the ability to purchase properties without the men’s approval. The suffrage had advanced for women for more educational opportunities and gave them potential for their future careers. These women were now able to purchase properties for themselves. The suffrage movement led to the 19th amendment, the law that passed in 1920 to which gave these women the privilege to vote in their country, even if the vote was parallel to their husbands vote. In theory, the rights of women in the…

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