Women 's Suffrage For Women Essays

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While the men between 1776 and 1861 wanted to avoid getting the women the right to vote, women fought long and hard until they proved to everyone that they achieved what they always have wanted. During this time period, women were looked down upon and were able to do only the bare minimum. Women such as Lucretia Mott, the Grimke sisters, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone, and Abigail Adams became advocates of women getting the vote. Adams wrote so many letters to her husband, John Adams, explaining and trying to get him to understand why women getting the vote was so important. I think that women made a significant progress for women 's suffrage because women made it possible for multiple voting. There are now twice as many votes going around because women made it possible. If it weren’t for all the long hours of dedicated work, I don’t think women would have gotten the vote. But since there was so much education, these women weren’t going to stop until they made it happen. I think that is so powerful and mindful and I truly respect that.
“The movement to improve and widen education in the young democracy assumed many forms. It include the extension of free education to ever wider selections of the population, the professional training of teachers, provisions for financial endowment, and the development of institutions for advanced education and higher learning and research.” (Flexner, 22) What this quote is telling us is that it really wasn’t easy for…

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