Women 's Society Is Ruled By A Rigid Ideal Of How A Woman Should Look, Think, And

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Today’s society is ruled by a rigid ideal of how a woman should look, think, and act. This ideal is perpetuated and drilled into the malleable minds of girls from birth by both the people they are raised around and the things they watch, read, and listen to. The way women are represented in movies, television, literature, music, and magazines is drastically different than the representation of men in the same places. When young girls go to the store with their parents and are standing in line at checkout and see the magazines, they see covers with skinny, gorgeous women on the front, saying things like “Get skinny fast,” “Lose ten pounds in two weeks by following this diet,” or “Best jeans to flatter your butt!” These little girls do not know the celebrity on that front page doesn’t actually look like that because her image was retouched and made more appealing by imaging software. As they grow up surrounded by photoshopped magazines, heavily sexualized television ads, and movies with female characters only present as romantic or sexual objects, young girls begin to internalize what they are absorbing as they enter adolescence. The media at its current state has disastrous effects on teenage girls and needs to change.
Beauty and the Body
One of the biggest things teenage girls worry about and dislike about themselves is their weight and body type. They worry about their bodies so much because the female form is heavily emphasized in the media. If a female celebrity…

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