Essay on Women 's Sexuality And The Exploitation Of Women

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While women have fought tirelessly to be treated as equal to men, the oppression of women persists because women’s sexuality continues to be emphasized by society more than other attributes and characteristics. Patriarchy not only has men at the forefront of political and religious decisions, but also it allows men to control social and cultural institutions. This results in misplaced authority over women, their bodies, and how they are perceived by society. Men and boys believe they should be able to express their sexuality without consequence while women and girls are to have their sexual activity regulated. Female sexuality is repressed by the double standards of the popularly practiced hook-up culture while, simultaneously, it is exploited in the multi-billion dollar porn industry, causing many to wonder whether women have any sexual freedom at all.
The sexual revolution of the 1960s liberated many women of the attitude and belief that they did not share the same sexual freedom as men. Although today’s hook-up culture “affords young people more freedom than ever before,” “there continues to be a double standard for the sexual lives of men and women” (Bogle 96). Prior to the sexual revolution, it was looked down upon for women to have sex outside of marriage. Now, both men and women are more likely to have had sex before marriage than they are to practice celibacy. Although it has become the norm for women to be sexually active outside of committed relationships, they…

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