Women 's Role For Women Essay

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The last few decades’ women have been portrayed to be fragile on-screen. For years, women’s role on-screen was to stay home to clean, cook, and to care for their family. Women were not given leading roles in films or television shows; instead they were just given secondary roles where they did not speak. They are given roles where the main character is a male and they are presented as being defenseless. Now there are many roles that allow women to start in films and television shows with a variety of characteristics. Writers create roles that allow women to stand out from the norm and give them roles where they can be strong, smart, and independent. For decades, women got secondary roles and followed the stereotype now writers have provided leading roles for women with different personality traits. Women were given roles where they are portrayed to be weak and fragile. In the film “The Princess Bride,” Buttercup is a young princess who is kidnapped and rescued by her lover Westley (Reiner). Buttercup does not help herself instead she follows orders and waits for someone to save her. She is naïve and does not think out of what she believes will happen, although what she believes in does come true at the end. Buttercup rarely appears and speaks throughout the film. This is a great example of how women were not given main speaking roles instead they acquired a small role where they are portrayed as being weak and naïve. Today, women are given a chance to take on a…

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