Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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Many people during this era believed that women needed to be economically independent; further more a socialist of the time by Gilman “argued that economic independence was the most fundamental necessity for women, an insight drawing directly on her own experience as well as that of a new generation of professional women” (155 EVANS). One group that had it harder than any man white or black, or even white women were; African American women so much so that “black women found themselves unwelcome in many local suffrage groups and created their own suffrage organizations; by the early 1900s they had formed organizations in numerous cities” (156 EVANS). Many colored women believed that “suffrage would empower their superior moral sensibilities fir the benefit of their people as a whole” (156 EVANS). The more that black women got involved in politics the more their voices were heard. Even though the African American women were overlooked for their equal rights and suffrage something ironic came out the women’s movement; which was quite interesting “it is tragically ironic, given the parallel growth in activism among black and white women, that broadening the movement for women’s rights had accompanied a growing insensitivity on the part of many white middle- class women to the rights of others” (156 EVANS). By the year of 1890 there were many women entering the work force of all ages. As time went on living standards began to rise at a slow pace, but even with the living…

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