Essay on Women 's Rights For African Americans

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The Desegregating Lunch Counters at Woolworth Sit-in, Third World Women Alliance, and The Sharon Statement made the US face a new issue to face. 1991, four students from A&T in Greensboro, NC began the sit-in at the Wool-Worth. They proceeded to have this sit-in to accomplish equal rights for African Americans. Respect was gained at the end of the sit-in for the four students. Third World Women Alliance started in the late 60’s and it was a liberation movement for African American Women.
The US was forced to recognize that there were feminist and equal rights problems for African Americans. The citizens didn’t agree with it and rebelled it. World Women Alliance did not get the reaction they wanted at the time. Sharon Statement is a statement for the government that establishes organizations that gives the government purpose to protect the political freedom and other freedoms. It carries on how the government is protecting the US for the citizens to have their rights protected. The three domestic policies caused the US to face important issues that soon turned into history in the future. During this time, our country was struggling to recognize that each person should have equal rights as everyone else. These three cases created a movement for the world to start movements, organizations, and groups to rebel and fight against to those that don’t agree with equality and feminism rights.
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