Women 's First Egg Via Vitro Fertilization Essay

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In a world that glorifies designer brands, where does it end? Society places expensive designer handbags, clothing, and accessories on a pedestal. The names of famous designers lurk in each shopping plaza. In 1977, perhaps two of the most inventive designers, Edwards and Steptoe started a revolution. Edwards and Steptoe successfully fertilized the first egg via in vitro. Louise Brown became known as the world’s first “designer baby”, born in 1978 to her mother Lesley. This revolutionary experiment would soon become a savior to infertile couples in the United Kingdom, eventually spreading to other countries such as the United States and Canada. Foremost, in vitro fertilization is a complicated and complex series of procedures, with the goal of conception. In vitro fertilization prevents most genetic problems, hence the nickname designer baby. According to the American Pregnancy Association, before performing in vitro fertilization, a preimplantation genetic diagnosis identifies genetic defects within the embryos. The diagnosis prevents more than 100 different diseases or disorders from being passed onto the child. There are four steps to the preimplantation genetic diagnosis. This procedure begins with the removal of a few cells from the embryos. After removal, the cells undergo testing for inherited genetic disorders. Once identified, perfect embryos go into the uterus once again and implantation occurs. Lastly, the remaining perfect embryos undergo freezing for…

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